It’s Time to Party

Party time! 

“Who’s Buzzing?!” This is sponsored by London Essex Locksmith

It’s Friday night, let’s get the drinks in and the music up loud. We are young forever and we are here to stay!

TGIF! Yes, the weekend has started and its time to get those dance shoes on. If you have forgotten how to dance and shake your money maker here is a quick video to watch about getting you back into the groovy you “funky white boy!”

If you are looking for a great night out, let me show you this fantastic page where I keep up to date with all the latest things happening around the city.

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Make sure you smile!

Bride and groom in photo-booth. Wedding.

Awkward moments like these are not ideal! Make sure before you take your picture, that you are smiling and ready! My top tip is to keep a hand sized mirror on your person everywhere or use your camera on your phone  to make sure your selfie game is strong! This is post is sponsored by our friends at web design Edinburgh

Check this video out below on funny moments before a picture is taken 🙂


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The cool types of Photo booths

The Types of Photo Booths

This is what we have to offer in Scotland. You will find a range from retro to modern. As a result, the prices do vary depending on the amount of hours you are looking for and the time of year especially during Christmas time. These photo booths can be an real great investment and will make your night that extra bit special. This post is sponsored by my good friends in Glasgow – Photo booth hire Glasgow

Let’s be honest, you want the best photo booth money can buy, right? So, let’s break it down into what is important to look for and what you should avoid. We will make it simple and if you have any questions, fire them to me here.  Due to the vast volume of these, I will break down a few just now but then attach a link near the end for you guys to check the others out. This is because there’s too many to talk about! Therefore, I suggest you sit back and enjoy the reading because this is interesting stuff nonetheless.



  1. You have the classic retro style photo booth. This is funky because of the design itself.


This is ideal for every occasion; parties, corporate events, birthdays and weddings. It’s very simple and elegant and does the job. The picture quality is perfect to capture those perfect moments and majority of the time they cost between £300-600. If you want to find the best deals, I would check the link above from my friends no matter where you are in Scotland.

2. Curtain photo booths, this is great because of the simple design.


First of all, this is a very inexpensive photo booth. As a result, if you are looking for a photo booth which mirrors the ones you see in town and to give your party a retro feeling to it, these are definitely the ones to look out for. These can range from £300-700. The lighting is good however, it’s not very spacious I must say. It will provide you with excellent photos nonetheless. Furthermore, it looks pretty cool.

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Photo Booths are fun!

Welcome, to the best blog for Photo booth information. Here, you will find information on types of photo booths, the typical occasions you will see photo booths and where to book them out as well for your favourite event.

Hi my name is John D, and I am your book worm for this cool new blog of mine. It’s my first ever blog so please be nice with the comments and feedback! Eventually, i would love to own my own photo booth company in the future but I will get into that with another post so stay tuned! Photo booths are the future, not only are their cameras far better quality than your iPhone (sorry Apple) but they print better and give you that amazing touch with every shot. They are portable as you can call my friends any time as long as you are in Scotland.