It’s Time to Party

Party time! 

“Who’s Buzzing?!” This is sponsored by London Essex Locksmith

It’s Friday night, let’s get the drinks in and the music up loud. We are young forever and we are here to stay!

TGIF! Yes, the weekend has started and its time to get those dance shoes on. If you have forgotten how to dance and shake your money maker here is a quick video to watch about getting you back into the groovy you “funky white boy!”

If you are looking for a great night out, let me show you this fantastic page where I keep up to date with all the latest things happening around the city.


If you are ever stuck, click there and it will update you on all the latest things happening around the world. Additionally, click here to message me about photo booth hires or locksmith information. Or if you want to party with me.

A simple method to dance is the one two step, or the basic shuffle.

I want you to begin with your feet as a triangle “L” and then slide your right foot and at the same time lifting your heel on your left foot. Okay, maybe it’s too difficult to explain here so check out this link below on how to master it.