Make sure you smile!

Bride and groom in photo-booth. Wedding.

Awkward moments like these are not ideal! Make sure before you take your picture, that you are smiling and ready! My top tip is to keep a hand sized mirror on your person everywhere or use your camera on your phone  to make sure your selfie game is strong! This is post is sponsored by our friends at web design Edinburgh

Check this video out below on funny moments before a picture is taken 🙂


I hope that video made you guys laugh! But it is important to smile at that perfect moment isn’t it? If you have any hilarious pictures of your friends that you would like us to post on our next blog send them to us here.

Luck for you guys, we have developed a cool check list in order to make that photo in the photo booth go swimmingly!

  1. Check yourself before taking a picture
  2. Ask the photographer to give you a count down
  3. Make sure your teeth are free from yucky food

Dressing well is just as important as having a nice smile. The shoes must match the outfit and the jacket must match the top. Yes, I know this isn’t a fashion blog but these are important people! “Swag” – Sorry, I won’t ever say that again.

If you want cool fashion advice, check these guys out – This is where I do my shopping.

They offer a service where they can find your perfect outfit online, so when you’re in that photo booth – you will be looking slick my friends!

On the next blog we will tackle the important issue of… Stay tuned 😉