The cool types of Photo booths

The Types of Photo Booths

This is what we have to offer in Scotland. You will find a range from retro to modern. As a result, the prices do vary depending on the amount of hours you are looking for and the time of year especially during Christmas time. These photo booths can be an real great investment and will make your night that extra bit special. This post is sponsored by my good friends in Glasgow – Photo booth hire Glasgow

Let’s be honest, you want the best photo booth money can buy, right? So, let’s break it down into what is important to look for and what you should avoid. We will make it simple and if you have any questions, fire them to me here.  Due to the vast volume of these, I will break down a few just now but then attach a link near the end for you guys to check the others out. This is because there’s too many to talk about! Therefore, I suggest you sit back and enjoy the reading because this is interesting stuff nonetheless.


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